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Last Mile

Last Mile

Providing final mile (warehouse to home) deliveries that can include the following services: Dock to Dock, Porch, Threshold, Room of Choice, Standard Installation, Advanced Installation, Complex Install and White Glove.

Dock to Dock

Dock To Dock

Items needing transportation from one warehouse to another.

Porch Delivery


The package is dropped off, on, or near the porch of the front door as close to the first accessible dry area as possible.


Threshold Delivery Service

The order is delivered within the first few feet inside the customer’s front door unassembled and still packaged.

Room of Choice

Choice Delivery

With this service, the order is brought inside of the customer’s home to their room of choice. The order remains uninstalled, unassembled, and still packaged.

Standard Install

Standard Install

This will include any necessary hookups such as basic water, sewer, dryer vent, and electric. The order is also assembled and unpackaged as needed. Examples of such services could include fitness equipment, washers, dryers, or refrigerators.

Advance Install


As long as there is a clear path and spot for placement, our delivery specialists are happy to deliver in whatever room you choose.

We can also relocate some client furniture, remove shipping debris, and, of course, do any necessary basic installation.

Complex Install

Complex Install

The order is unpackaged and assembled as needed and placed where the customer would like. The items are also connected to gas, electric, venting or water as needed in addition to being wall mounted or supported. Examples of such services could include gas ranges and dryers or over-the-range microwaves.

White Glove

White Glove

Item is carefully removed from packaging, inspected for damage, assembled if applicable, and set in place and or installed where the customer wants. We also shine up the appliances if needed to remove any dust, debris, and fingerprints. If the item is an appliance a test run is also done to ensure a successful install without leaks or other problems. Anything the order is replacing as a swap out will be hauled away for the customer such as old non-working appliances and will be disposed of properly.

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